Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AC Woes

We moved into the theatre now… This experience has just stepped up a big notch! My only woe is the heat: the AC in the theatre is being fixed right now, so rehearsals have been HOT! I leave so sweaty… but I guess that means we’re all working hard.

Rehearsals have also been hot in another way ;) It is so nice to be in the actual space, because the intimacy of the theatre I feel has really brought the show together. I mean, it is a party, so it’s nice to be in a darker, messier area that feels more like a place I would actually be doing all these crazy things (not the St. Mark’s Fellowship Hall feel). And now that we are doing runs of the show, my favorite thing is playing with my personal arc in the show. [Maybe in need to do some more research?? Who’s having a party!?]

We are all just supposed to be having fun at a party for most of the show. I would not call myself a method actor (because I do NOT like labeling people) but it is pretty fun to play with some different levels of drunk/high that I may (or may not :/) have experienced… my current arc starts with low-key first buzz phase, then I move into smoking and enter a more chill/relaxed high phase, pick up the drinking and enter a more excited/electrified phase, then into a needy/center-of-attention phase. The 2nd act I start my hornier drunk phase, where I really start wanting to touch and kiss people… but as the drinking continues I go through a tired/trying-to-stay-awake phase and finally end up really sloppy/gross/clearly-no-one-wants-to-deal-with-me-so-keep-drinking-more phase. Of course, then I have a huge hangover to deal with at the end of the show… and at that point all I can do is BALLET!! haha So yeah, fun things to play with, and who knows how this might change as we continue rehearsing.

One other fun point of rehearsing the last few nights has been our discussion of a particular scene near the end of the show… we lovingly call the orgy scene. This has been a difficult scene for the ensemble as we are supposed to provide a background and atmosphere for another intimate scene, but have had trouble coming up with a group idea of what this should look like and feel like. It’s kinda hilarious the descriptive words that come across as we explore our thoughts: “make it more demonic” “imagine you’re in a Fosse number” “Can we touch each other?” “Am I supposed to enjoy this?” “Make a clump of people. More long than round” “The hands are good, but they need to be touching breasts and crotches more” … and so on and so forth. It’s getting much better (at least it feels better  ) but I know we will continue to explore.

I can certainly say that I am really looking forward to playing with the show in the next weeks. There is so much room for creativity and character development, and it’s just a real joy to have a cast that’s willing to play with me every night. This is the kind of show that I know I’d enjoy watching multiple times, because everything going on is going to have so much depth, you’ll want to watch it all!


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