Monday, April 19, 2010

All Coming Together


Ah, I haven’t been keeping up well with this, but I am excited that we are in the FINAL WEEK! I am just going to summarize some of the recent highlights in recent Wild Party-ing :)

-The band sounds great! We had sitzprobe yesterday, and it’s going to be an exciting musical experience for sure!

-Our cue-to-cue was LONG… I mean, that’s normal to take a long time to set the lights, but it led to some interesting cast bonding, including read-alouds of sex tips from a former porn star, and games of Scrabble on various cell phones.

-Cast Bonding! We had a benefit party last weekend, and it led to some really great time to hang out with the cast outside of the rehearsal process. Three cheers for a lovely host!

-I had to get a haircut… after months of growing out a shaggy head of hair, I shortened it up in order to achieve the slicked-back gentlemen’s style of the 1920’s. It was a little sad that day, but the new look is growing on me ;)

-I lit my hair on fire. I won’t go into details about how that happened, but bottom line, long hair in your face is more likely to catch a flame. Good thing I was getting it cut the next day!

-The set is coming along slowly… There are some really angular windows and furniture pieces that I know will give a really cool look to the stage. Just one of the many things that I am looking forward to this week! (that is, seeing it all come together)

-I am TIRED! I of course have other obligations beyond this show, and let me say that there are many days I am finding it difficult to have a lot of energy to teach my students. This doesn’t mean I’m going to just watch movies in class! (I am NOT that kind of teacher). But I may be taking a day off this week. Looking forward to it!

-Overall, the show is in such good shape. We are all having fun with the material, every time we run through it there is a new energy and new discoveries that are made. As I’ve said before, this is just such a fun musical, I am really excited for the people coming to see it!

Now for the fun part… dress rehearsals!


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