Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amazing Opening Weekend

The opening weekend of The Wild Party was fantastic! I was thrilled with the whole experience. Every audience seemed to like it more, and we really started solidifying a truly unique and great product. It’s interesting that I didn’t feel a truly significant change transitioning from dress rehearsals in front of empty seat to performing for a crowd. The only thing that threw me was the parts of the show when we literally look at the audience. There is a piece of me that always is aware that I’m being watched, and I have to kick my acting chops into gear and push that feeling away.

I’m really glad that Thursday was technically a preview. Nothing went significantly wrong with the particular performance, and it was great to ease our ways in. Besides some extremely rude audience members who talked and texted the entire show from the front row, everything felt great. It’s always so thrilling to put all the final pieces together and see what happens, and it’s even greater to have the final product be something to be proud of.

Friday’s show was really interesting. The major event for me was a slight miscalculation in a piece of choreography that resulted in an injury. In a particular scene Emily and I share an… intimate… moment where I am on top of her with her legs in the air. However, in one thrust towards her I did not move her leg far enough and I ended up ramming my head into her stiletto heel. It hurt like hell!! But, as a professional, I just continued the dance number as choreographed. Towards the end of the number when the cast moves right near the audience, I then saw some very odd looks from audience members staring directly at me. All I could think was “great, they all saw me bash my head and think I’m an idiot…” I tried to feel after the number if I was bleeding, but couldn’t feel anything.

Well, turns out after the act that I have a pretty significant amount of blood that has pooled on my forehead for the last 20 minutes or so! It was a small cut, but it sure did bleed. At first I was freaked because I thought it was worse than it was. But after washing it I felt better. Then I realized… No one in the cast even tried to tell me onstage that I was bleeding! Really, guys? No “hey, by the way, FYI?” I could have left the stage early to take care of it, but I had no idea. But, in hindsight, it’s actually kinda funny. I thought back through those minutes and remembered a point when Margeau held my hand through Eddie and Mae’s number. At the time I was thinking “How sweet! Maybe our characters are that close, what a nice choice Margeau.” Turns out the Margeau had seen the blood and didn’t know what to do… so instead her motherly instincts kicked in and she just held my hand! :) How sweet is that?!?

Anyways, the show overall was really great, Cheesecake Factory with the cast afterwards was a ball, no complaints there.

Saturday I was excited to have my first friend come see the show. At the last minute though, I asked him who his guest was going to be. He then told me he was bringing his younger brother who has Down Syndrome. His reasoning: He may not understand the adult content, but he will just enjoy being able to see a musical. I realized this was probably a bad misconception… yeah, if you envision a musical having pretty music and costumes with colorful dance numbers and happy faces. But I also have a sister with Down Syndrome, and I knew that the level of violence, yelling, and profanity that litters the show (not to mention the sexual content!) had a very good chance of upsetting him. My friend is still going to come see the show this coming weekend, but I’m glad he chose not to bring his brother.

At this point I panicked… someone had to see this show! I had to hear from a friend what they thought! I started texting lots of people to see who could come at the last minute, and finally another good friend agreed to come. I bought him a ticket, he really enjoyed the show, and we were able to catch up afterwards. Phew, I was glad to get that out of the way.

Now I haven’t been to the theatre in three days. Not gonna lie, I’m really enjoying the time off to catch up on important things like my TV shows and web surfing ;). But I really love doing this show, and cant’ wait to do it again tomorrow. I have a lot of friends coming this week, and I am looking forward to sharing my love of musical theatre with them through this vehicle. It looks to be another exciting weekend.

I will be sure to report on this coming weekend soon. Come out to see The Wild Party!


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