Thursday, April 22, 2010

A-Game: Bringin' It Tonight!

The show opens tonight and I am PUMPED! The energy through this week has been phenomenal. For a lot of shows I’ve done, hell week can be just that… Hell. I end up feeling like things are boring, or that we are just working hard for the sake of working. But every night this week things have grown for us. Literally, pieces of the set and lighting have been added. But more exciting has been the unmistakable energy of the cast as we keep adding and forming this story and this group of characters. It might sound odd, but each night this week I felt like this show was closing in around me. The mood kept getting darker, the story thicker, and the lighting more emotional. And what’s fantastic about this show is that even though there are four main characters, it doesn’t work without the entire ensemble. The cast is very talented though, we are all blending together really well, so when all of this commitment melds together there are some really exciting moments onstage. Of course, there have been the few off moments, when we are off the beat musically or someone yells a line ridiculously too early :)

Tonight is certainly going to be exciting. It will be really interesting to incorporate an audience into our story and into this world. Not literally, but there is going to be a whole new element to this intimate theatre. I am curious to hear and feel the reactions as we share this wonderful piece of theatre.

See you there!!


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